National Executive Council Elections 2023

A portal for electronic voting for national executives for ISPON at the Annual General Meeting 2023. 


1. Must be financially up-to-date with the institute

2. Must be an officially registered member of the institute

1. Nomination of members for available positions is open to all

2. Members can nominate themselves as well

3. Reason for nomination must be stated

1. Submission of Application and Manifesto: completed and digitally signed Application for Election and Manifesto for the position you’re running for must be submitted, one week before election, for accreditation

2. Applications must be accompanied by a cover letter signed by the CEO or a Director of a corporate entity. For individual/freelance members, applications must be accompanied by a cover letter signed by credible sponsor who must be members of ISPON in good financial standing with the institute

3. Time line for project deliverables

4. Project implementation strategy and execution plan should be explicitly explained

1. The sitting President shall appoint and setup a 3 person Electoral Committee headed by a Chairman or Chairperson.

2. The AGM and election proceedings would be conducted online.